Monarch Data System

We manage and guide the consumer path to purchase through POS data and marketing. We suggest and build marketing campaigns based on customer behavior.


We combine many years of Cannabis industry knowledge with marketing and data. Our team has collectively been involved in almost every aspect of the industry from brand development and sales to dispensary ownership and consultancy. We have an unrivaled development team who have launched our platform to the next level at a speed we’ve never seen before. We are passionate about helping businesses know more about their store and why to make buying and marketing decisions.

Monarch Campaign Manager

We offer the ability to guide customer behavior once they are in the store. Combine the power of your loyalty program with our Digital screen technology offering guided in-store promotions. Our campaign manager will offer marketing campaign suggestions based on sales data that can guide brand merchandising and analytics based on sales data directly related to marketing campaign results.

Campaign Suggestions

The Monarch Data Systems Campaign Manager will provide clear product suggestions based on your store’s POS data. We drill down to show your expiring products, slow moving items, high/low margin items and more... Our tool will help you get to your desired outcome through knowing about the action, goal, target audience and other performance indicators.

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Let us show you how the campaign manager works. We would love to walk through a demo with you.

Track Results of each campaign

The Monarch Campaign Manager will show you the results of your campaigns based on your desired outcome. Did you want to increase traffic? Increase online sales? We will show you the results of each campaign based on the action you took.


Monarch data systems will track results of marketing campaigns through integrated POS sales data. Our system is built to offer insights and results to your marketing campaigns and deliver clear data to help define the next steps. Monarch data systems allows your store to understand the why of your successful marketing campaigns and how that moves the sales needle as well as track ROI and margins resulting from your campaigns.

Set up a demo

Let us show you how the campaign manager works. We would love to walk through a demo with you.


We provide alerts to you and your team to help guide immediate campaigns. Our holiday notifications will remind you of upcoming holidays with the campaign manager pre-populated. Expiring product notifications will help single out your specific campaigns for these products and will pre-populate your campaigns.


Need to know how your staff is selling? How to schedule your team? What is happening with your loyalty program? Our analytics will show you details about your operational data helping highlight margins and ROI.


Monarch data systems will recommend marketing campaigns based on inventory availability, expiration dates and product margin. Your marketing campaigns have a direct impact on your profits. Running successful campaigns is a critical part of your business. Monarch data systems looks at your Point of Sale data to help pull out KPIs regarding your sales brand performance margins and more.See all of your sales data visualized on our platform.


We can identify customer metrics to help you decide about your product, mix store layout and who and how to target your messaging. We help you understand who your customers are. We are not just about the data.